Status & Distribution - eBird Rarity Reports

On this page, all the rare birds that have reported to eBird for a particular area will be displayed. This list updates all the time, but you will need to refresh your browser, or hit F5, to keep up to date with new sightings. It is recommended that this page is checked daily in order to keep up with what has been sighted around the region. Each individual block represents sightings for the county/city that is specified at the top. By clicking on any species entry, the blocks will be updated to show all occurrences of that particular species in that city/county. You can get back to seeing all rarities by hitting the "Rarities" tab at the top of each block. Additionally, hitting the "+" sign at the far right side of any entry will pull up additional options (icons in the lower left corner of the popup window), that include "Open in Google Maps", "eBird Range Maps", "eBird Bar Charts", "eBird Graphs", and lastly "Open eBird Checklist". That last entry is the most valuable, as you can see what other species were reported under the same checklist with the rare entry. Please enjoy!