About Me

Most folks who visit this website will probably know me from my time spent running the Hampton Roads Wildlife Enthusiasts Facebook Group from Feb 2013 through December 2014. Since that time, I have continually upgraded this website to include all the features you see today. Additionally, I am the webmaster for the Virginia Society of Ornithology, the Virginia Filter Manager for eBird Virginia, and I also assist in the running of the social media for the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas. When I am not pursuing these volunteer endeavors, I work a full-time career as a Water Resources Engineer in Virginia Beach. My interest in birds began at a young age while growing up in Ely, Minnesota, but it wasn't really until my late 20s that I dove in headfirst. I was always an avid hiker, and over time I started taking photographs along the way, upgrading my camera gear each year or so. At a tipping point, it became obvious to me that I knew just enough about birds, to realize just how much I truly didn't know. It was at that time in 2014 that I began work on this website, and began to study birds in all their aspects, with distributions of different species being my prime interest. Adding a pair of binoculars to work in tandem with my camera in 2015, my eyes became opened even wider to all the birds that can be observed here in coastal Virginia, and at some point, a viewing scope will be the next step for me. I sincerely hope anyone visiting this website is able to learn more about the birds that can be observed right here in Virginia Beach! I'd also like to offer my gratitude for those close to me who have continued to foster my love for all things avian, and those who have supported all the work I've put into building this website: My father, Len, who is gone, but will always be remembered for his own love of the outdoors; my mother Peggy, who is probably my most attentive follower & has started down the birder path as well; my stepfather Bob, my stepmother Kim, my sister Ellen, my extremely patient & loving wife, Ruth, and our adorable kitten Buster... who always lets me know when a new bird is outside our apartment windows! Thank you all for always being a positive part of my life.