While I have tried to learn as much as I can in all areas of nature, it is birding that has, & will always be my primary passion. In this section I try to share some of the knowledge that I have picked up through my years observing our birdlife! 

Since you're visiting this website, you probably already harbor an interest in nature. This section will act as a starting point for you to learn about locations across the region where a variety of birds may be encountered & studied! 

Within each entry you will find a full recap of all the relevant bird observations that have been submitted to eBird for Virginia Beach during the course of the entire month. You will also find several image slideshows in each entry containing photographs that I personally took around Virginia Beach during each month. Please look for new entries to be typically posted by the 2nd or 3rd of each month, as it takes considerable time & effort to ensure the species accounts are accurate with the most current information available and that the photographs are of the utmost quality. (Updated: 10/8/2019)

Of the 385 species of birds found in Virginia Beach, each has its own unique geographical distribution. The purpose of this section is to help educate interested parties on where each species can be found, and at what times during the year!

Understanding the weather can be of major importance when it comes to observing birds. Whether it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, or anything in between, birds are greatly affected. To learn more about the weather, check out this section!

While Virginia Beach is a major city, it is also one of the best places in the country in terms of the variety of birds capable of being observed, with around 385 species having been spotted within the city borders. Since 2009, it has been my mission to observe and document as many bird species as I can across the city & surrounding region. This guide is the culmination of thousands of hours spent outdoors, and my goal is that through this section, other folks interested in birds will be able to learn a bit more about what they can see locally!

Since this website's primary intent is to be a comprehensive guide to all things bird-related in Virginia Beach, it seems useful to offer information on area hotels & also provide visitors to the area with a list of recommended restaurants!

Though most of my write-ups will appear in the Birding Blog section of the site, I will also add miscellaneous articles into this section of the site. These articles may vary from how-to-articles to recaps of events that I take part in!

For those visiting this website, you probably already know a little bit about me, whether you've met me personally while outdoors, or if you've interacted with me via groups on Facebook, or through postings on Birding Listservers. This section of the site offers a bit more background information on myself and this website. This section also provides the reader with the ability to contact me if they'd like. Lastly, reference materials and miscellaneous information that doesn't quite fit under the other main sections can be found here.