Early August 2018 (1st-10th)

During the early August period, observers in Virginia Beach tallied three new rarities including potentially up to three different ANHINGA at Stumpy Lake NA from 1 Aug (ph. Charlie Bruggemann) through the period’s end, a single MARBLED GODWIT at Back Bay NWR that lingered from 6 Aug (obs. David Hughes & Lauren Mowbray) also through the end of the period, and an adult LARK SPARROW at Marina Shores to close the period out on 10 Aug (ph. June McDaniels).  In addition to the rarities, we also saw early first-of-season arrivals for YELLOW WARBLER at Stumpy Lake NA on 1 Aug (ph. Charlie Bruggemann), followed by a second individual on 10 Aug at Marina Shores (ph. Rob Bielawski), SCARLET TANAGER at Stumpy Lake NA (obs. Doug Graham), BANK SWALLOW at Little Island Park on 2 Aug (obs. Andrew Baldelli & Tracy Tate), HOODED WARBLER in a Kempsville backyard on 8 Aug (ph. Una Davenhill), and an arrival within expected dates for COMMON NIGHTHAWK at Marina Shores on 10 Aug (obs. Andrew Baldelli). We also saw our second AMERICAN REDSTART report of the season after a bit of a lapse from the first in late July, with this individual found in a Hunt Club Forest backyard on 10 Aug (ph. Karen & Tom Beatty).

Lark Sparrow / 10 Jul / Marina Shores

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LOOKAHEAD: With regards to annually expected fall arrivals, as of the reporting period close date, we have not yet logged first arrivals for DUNLIN (30 Jul average expected arrival), YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH & WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER (5 Aug), NORTHERN HARRIER, PEREGRINE FALCON & BALTIMORE ORIOLE (15 Aug) and BLUE-WINGED WARBLER, WORM-EATING WARBLER, CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER, BOBOLINK, BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER & SORA (20 Aug). If you observe one of these species before the date listed, please try to document the sighting as best as you can! Please also remember that every species’ expected fall arrival date can be viewed in table format by Clicking Here!

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